29 Things That Finally Clicked By 29…

  1. Your parents made sacrifices – respect them
  2. If you make a decision that you know can prove to be unpopular – stand behind it & explain why
  3. Record yourself singing — realize  you can’t & enjoy it anyway
  4. Understand that people grow apart
  5. While growing into yourself – stay true to the things you enjoy
  6. When you decide to let a man/boy/guy go – do it with precision and resolve
  7. Understand the bare basics of all (most) sports
  8. Read.
  9. Don’t act crazy over a man
  10. Bite off more than you can chew (just chew slowly)
  11. Enjoy pleasant people and admire them
  12. Don’t get overly involved in someone’s exploits, arguments and problems
  13. Dance and dance hard.
  14. Take risks and prepare for failure
  15. Learn to cook 3 dishes well
  16. Hang out and get to know a person that has a completely different background than you
  17. Be confident
  18. Seinfeld is funny. Seinfeld will always be funny.
  19. Always have wine and whiskey in your house
  20. Drink tea, it makes you feel prestigious
  21. Brush your teeth after drinking Starbucks
  22. Get to know your “friends”
  23. Listen to NPR
  24. Practice holding your breath, you never know when you’ll need to keep quiet
  25. Don’t max out credit cards
  26. Being loyal doesn’t necessarily pay off
  27. Make a new set of friends in your late 20s
  28. Take yourself on dates
  29. Know when you’ve given someone enough chances
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