America, this is your fault

The Miami Heat basketball team represents the American psyche. The psychological structure of our western pea brains.

If you disagree, then you’re in denial you American, just like most of your smartphone having counterparts.

We’re all in denial; I’m just the first to admit it.

If you rooted for the Dallas Mavericks to win the  NBA 2011 title, you added a plus one to this hallucinogenic society. And let’s be clear, you didn’t want the Mavs to win. You wanted the Heat to lose. And it seems the consensual reason many wanted that loss was because you felt LeBron, and the Heat in general, took a “short cut” to win a championship.

I bet these are the same folks who didn’t muster a word of distain when LBJ went straight to the pros out of high school; namely my main man, Dan “Comic Sans” Gilbert aka @cavsdan. Yesterday, he tweeted: “Congrats to Mack C.&entire Mavs org. Mavs NEVER stopped &now entire franchise gets rings. Old Lesson for all:There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE.”

*scratches head*

Huh? You got LeBron when he was just a man child. You didn’t wait for him to develop whatever skills he would’ve honed in college. You wanted him when you wanted him and you got him. Isn’t that in essence a ‘short cut?’ Or at the very least subscribing and benefitting off one’s short cut?

And to put it quite painfully simple, we all want it and we want it now. And in our quest to get ‘it,’ we sometimes take so-called “short cuts,” either vividly perceived or fashionably cloaked.

In this Twitter-laden society, we only get 140 characters to make it work. Anything more and someone has to click the ‘twit-longer’ link or some other 3rd party url – and let’s be honest, how many of us really do all that?

My point though – being in the ‘right-here-and-nowness’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just different from what we pretend we’re used to and we’re too nervous to actually take a look at ourselves and what we’ve become. We manifested this destiny.

We (Americans) are quick to claim victory and give a toothy grin before we should. Remember this?

 What mission was accomplished, exactly? The mere hanging of the sign?

More to the point, remember this? I see a lot of pearly whites and broad, entitled shoulders emerging from that smoke.

But at the core, is there anything wrong with these examples? Aren’t they/we just doing what we’ve all read about? What millions of us subscribe to?

“The Secret” is one of the top selling books in America. According to an article by The Christian Science Monitor in 2007, book stores literally couldn’t keep “The Secret” on shelves. About 3.75 million copies of the book were in print 4 years ago and 2 million DVDs were sold (probably mostly bought by newly converted Dallas Mavs fans.)

Aren’t we supposed to speak positive babble into the Universe? Say what we want in advance and we shall receive it? Let your pores gush positivity and it will come your way, right? So millions of us were right to speak positivity into the Universe about ourselves but we can’t stomach 3 Black men doing it at an overpriced pep rally?

((**sidenote – many expressed dismay about the pep rally and the boisterous way these dudes acted when they first joined together to make the ‘Big 3.’ But, let’s be honest. Humility is overrated, especially when you’re raking in millions. Why must I be humble when I have superhuman ball playing abilities and I’m playing alongside dudes with equal or almost equal skills? Why must you be “humble and meek” about the things you’re best at? Why act sheepishly about wanting to win a championship?))

We claim to be dismayed and taken aback by those who take a “short cut” to get somewhere but in reality we support them. And honestly, that’s the culture we helped create. We are “them.”

And the Heat was just trying to live in our world.

Before you get on your moral high horse and tell me you don’t take short cuts because you spent 4 years in college, another 2 in grad school, work overtime, are in a union, have a savings account and blah, blah, hush. You have a DVR. This means you’re guilty too.

We want what we want when we want it. We record our favorite shows because we want to go to Jimmy John’s at 8 p.m. Monday and grab a freaky fast sub. We don’t want to miss the first 8 minutes of “Basketball Wives” so we DVR it, then have the nerve to fast forward through the commercials so we can get to the fight – that we’re positive will happen. Short Cut.

We watch American Idol (or at least we did.) This past season, just last month, 38.6 million people tuned in to watch an amateur singer get a recording contract. Short Cut.

Oh, you off that? Well, now you tune in to “The Voice,” along with over 12 million other Americans. Short Cut.

Millions of Americans play Powerball, hoping to get a piece of that millionaire pie. And several working class folks have recently won. Short Cut.

Rent-A-Center brought in $43.7 million in the 4th quarter of 2010. Americans aren’t saving to get what we want. Just get that 89” inch flat screen now. Short Cut.

Men and women both say things to get what they want when they want it – whether it’s sex, money or designer hand bags. Short Cut.

If we want to go back to the days when folks “earned” things let’s go back to 1994 when we actually earned our allowance for taking out the trash and scrubbing the baseboards along the stucco walls in our childhood homes. But then again, this is what we looked like in ’94.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going back to the high top fade and Kente cloth garb look for NOBODY!

Because I’m not in denial, I can appreciate and embrace this instant gratification attitude. And I’ve realized it’s led to a better world. We’ve developed apathetically hip and innovative shortened phrases, words and jumbled letters like #FML and #oomf.

But I digress.

The Miami Heat not only represents our incessant need to cater to our egos, capitalistic whims and golden desires, but also our honest dreams that we have every right to dare to want and achieve.

Just like the housing crisis and the collapse of Wall Street, which both led to the Recession, the Miami Heat is your story America. It wasn’t just LeBron, D. Wade and Bosh who didn’t get that championship. This is your loss and quite possibly a foreshadowing of what’s to come. But I bet you aren’t going to blame yourself and act accordingly. That’s awfully hard to do when you’re in denial.

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4 Responses to America, this is your fault

  1. Instant fan right here!

  2. Justin W. says:

    Hey you… do this more. please.

  3. Shift 1 says:

    My God, this was EXPERTLY done! Everything was right. Everything.

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