Don’t let the smooth melanin fool you, I do have a brain (and apparently I like colder ice)

Like most women similar to myself between the ages of 18-35, I tuned into BET’s resurrected dramady, “The Game” on Tuesday night. While watching, of course TweetDeck was up and running and provided even more comedic relief on a snowy night in Detroit.

After “The Game” ended, (with a whopping 7.7 million viewers) with Melanie in a comprising spot – of course – Black Entertainment Network slid in its newest sitcom “Let’s Stay Together.”

DISCLAIMER: Since Kelsey Grammar’s “Girlfriends” was snatched off the air in 2008 (a victim of the writer’s strike) I haven’t felt as if my story, and that of my girlfriends, was being told. So I desperately (okokok sort of) wanted “Let’s Be Together” to not be hot garbage.

Despite my fervent prayers to the TV Gods, this show was worse than H.A.M. It was like eating liver and chitterlings stew, then having to share your most intimate self-secrets with Julian Asange.

The plot line wasn’t actually that formulaic. Man loves woman. Woman finds out man was once engaged. Woman finds out she has a re-gifted engagement ring.

It had the potential to be ok. And because I so desperately want to see my story, I  watched. I watched the entire uncomfortably bad half hour.

The “jokes,” if they can even be called that, weren’t funny. It was almost as if the writers were penning for people who hadn’t watched a sitcom since the end of “Good Times.”

As I commented on Twitter, the laugh-track must have been aged. It kept skipping – playing at incredibly low points in the show that couldn’t garner a smile from the Kool-Aid dude and he was even given a shout out in the show.

My distain, and apparently plenty others, on Twitter prompted one of my followers to say, quite poetically might I add: “According to my timeline other folks ice is colder…go suck on a piece

**takes colder, oblong- shaped ice cube out of mouth, pulls out fashionable soap box & hoists myself atop**

Just because I’m Black doesn’t automatically mean I’m going to support every “Black” show.
Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns” is tremendously terrible. If perhaps one day I’d like to punish myself for past sins, I’ll tune in.

We, as African Americans, have already fallen victim to “Black loyalty.” You know, when we support anything or anyone – in somewhat of a powerful position – just because they/it are Black.

The example that comes to mind is, “Don’t let them talk about yall’s boy!” the mother of ex Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick yells to a revved up crowd.

She made this poignant and shrill speech and back in 2005, while Mr. Kilpatrick was running for re-election and being investigated by the feds. Now, Mr. Kilpatrick along with his father, friends and a business man, are facing a litany of corruption charges.

The case against these men, all black expect one, is said to be the largest political corruption scandal in Detroit’s history.

I’ll hear you out. I’ll give you a chance. But once I see what your producing is garbage I’m done.

Now, I’m not saying that “Let’s Stay Together” is a morally corrupt show that needs to be locked up in sitcom jail (aka cancelled) but if that network wants to win witty, professional, powerful consumers like myself; it’s going to have to do its homework and stimulate me.

My loyalty lies with recherché and descent shows, ideals and people – blessed with melanin or not.

**puts ice cold cube back in mouth, gingerly steps off box**

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One Response to Don’t let the smooth melanin fool you, I do have a brain (and apparently I like colder ice)

  1. Q says:

    I agree! Black Loyalty does more of a disservice than it does good. I don’t understand how we continuously fall for the okey-doke on so much garbage. Then we imitate the garbage we consume as if it’s real life. We let no good people get away with everything simply because of the color of their skin. What happened to recognizing talent, or integrity, or credibility? It infuriates me to no end. Good post. Sorry I’m late to the party. I just heard about you last night on Real Talk Live’s radio show and while trying to figure out how you spell your name on Twitter (Brandon announced it, but didn’t spell it), you ended up following me first. 🙂

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